What We Grow


We have been known for good tomatoes for a long time and the reason is that we only pick them when they are ripe and ready to enjoy.

Lettuce and Greens

Have you tried our green leaf lettuce yet? How about our Kale or cabbage? We have a wide selection of greens to keep you healthy. 

Cucumbers and Squash

Everyday we go into our fields and pick our cucumbers and squash and bring them to the market. You deserve fresh!

Blueberries and Raspberries

Hand picked every morning and sold at the markets the same day. You can't get any fresher than that! 


If you haven't tried one of Tonn's Orchard peaches, you haven't had a real peach! We have the freshest juiciest peaches! Get them while you can at Tonn's Orchard in Burlington!


Love Tonn's Orchard Apples? So do we! We have over 20 varieties of apples including the favorites Macoun, Honey Crisp, Macs and Galas.